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M-H: Shibata Tsukihime by deepfried-jellyfish M-H: Shibata Tsukihime by deepfried-jellyfish

★ Miyagawa High~!! ★

Shibata Tsukihime | 柴田月姫

Female ♀

16 years old

Date of birth
January 8th

Zodiac sign
Capricorn ♑

159 cm | 5'3"

55 kg | 121 lbs

Blood type


1st Year


Grade average
優 (81)

Traditional art

Boarding school

- Kind
- Polite
- Respectful
- Patient
- Easy-going
- Gentle
- Curious
- Mysterious
- Can be a little quirky
- Has an adventurous side
- Insecure
- Sensitive
- Naive at times
- Though she tries not to let others see (in fear of rejection), she can be dark, creepy, and sadistic

★ History, samurai, folklore, stories, old things
★ Stars, star gazing, the moon, nighttime
★ Art, looking at art, painting
★ Getting talked to/listening to/watching/meeting people, people in general
★ Helping out, making people happy
★ Feeling accepted/wanted
★ Pretty/cute things and girls
★ Rabbits
★ Shironuri (mostly just looking at it, someday she'd like to try her own!)
★ Nice smells
★ Soap
★ Charms
★ Tea and sweets, kakigori, konpeito, dango
★ Scrap-booking
★ Candles, pretty lights
★ Nature noises (especially insects, frogs, and the wind)
★ Guro/gore, blood, horror, ghosts, yokai, creepy/scary stuff
★ Eye-patches, medical masks, bandages
★ Squishy things
★ Weird things

☆ Being a bother, hurting others, having people not like her
☆ Creeping people out, rejection
☆ Feeling embarrassed, messing up
☆ Seeing people upset
☆ People who talk badly about/make fun of/judge others
☆ Close-mindedness
☆ Sour or spicy food/candy, carbonation
☆ Bad/strong offensive smells (she's very sensitive to them)
☆ Sports (mostly because she's not very good at them)
☆ Her allergies
☆ Waves, being on boats (gets seasick easily)
☆ People who mess with her friends
☆ Her insecurities, feeling different

Tsukihime was raised in a quaint home in Mino-shi in the Chuno region by her grandma and grandpa. Her parents were the sort to constantly be away on business so she was sent to live with her paternal grandparents. Growing up, she was a curious and rambunctious child and adored stories told to her by her elders about samurai and folklore.

Being raised in a household filled with intriguing stories gave her a wild imagination. She loved to pretend she could talk to the ghosts of dead samurai and that she was a princess from the moon. As she got older, she took interest in art and found she had a natural talent for painting. Her favorite subjects in school were history and art because she connected with them the most. She loved that she was able to hear about the samurai at school as well as home and she loved to have an outlet for her artistic passions.

Once she reached middle school, Tsukihime had gone from being an outgoing and passionate child to a reserved, shy, and quiet girl. Her interests began to shift more to the dark side and she strayed away from people at school fearing they would judge and reject her. In secret, she was intrigued by the occult and seances, and loved reading horror stories. Her head was constantly filled with creepy thoughts and her art reflected that.

Later on down the road, her tendencies mellowed and her art turned to peaceful scenery and old-styled Japanese artwork with the occasional edginess thrown in. Her personality matured more as she began to find beauty in most everything.

The time came for her to pick a high school to attend. After careful consideration, she decided she wanted to venture outside of her town to experience more of what the world had to offer. Her wish was to be able to visit places where her ancestors and other samurai once stood. While looking through brochures, she found one for Miyagawa High, a school located an hour north from where she lived. She was very excited about the prospect of attending Miyagawa High because this school was located in a town minutes away from an area ruled by the Tokugawa clan. The fact that the school contained dorms for the students to live in sealed the deal and Tsukihime applied right away.
- Wants to fall in love (ʃƪ ˘ ▽˘)
- Wishes that she had siblings
- Allergic to pollen
- Smells like vanilla lavender
- Would like to have a pet rabbit or bird once she gets her own place (she'd name her Kaguya)
- Dreams of seeing the northern lights someday
- Although she's a little embarrassed by her middle school phase, she's still very much into creepy things
- Has a huge collection of horror and guro manga (her favorite mangaka is Junji Ito)
- Is an awful cook
- Isn't very tech savvy
- Is a tiny bit insecure about the fact that she tends to be more attracted to girls, and often worries what people think
- Has a good sense of direction
- Can wake up on the dot at certain times
- Is often paranoid about not fitting in
- 32D cup
- Is a little bit of a pervert

Additional Info
She had been born into the lineage of the Shibata clan, particularly from one who served multiple members of the Oda clan during the Sengoku era. This retainer, Shibata Katsuie, had lived and died in the Echizen Province, but over the years, the family line had migrated and settled in Mino due to the fertile soil for farming purposes.

Danielle Rizzo
Tsukihime thinks she's really cool and admires her toughness. She considers Rizzo to be her best friend and she seems to have a crush on her. She wishes to support and root for her in one of her wrestling matches someday.

Kobayashi Momoko
A really cute senpai who likes to share yummy snacks and drinks. Tsukihime feels at ease around her and secretly wishes to one day paint a picture of Momo's spacey thoughts.

Ueno Nanami
A fellow first year girl who Tsukihime finds really attractive, both in looks and personality. She hopes to get to know her more and for their friendship to grow.

Fukushima Michiko
A cute classmate that's really fun to hang out with. Tsukihime enjoys her upbeat personality and green tea snacks.
Characters Tsukihime briefly met (and that gosh I really need to reply to ahhh gomen!)
- Fukui Eiji
- Okuma Misaki
- Himeno Chinatsu
- Kishi Kayoko
- Akimoto Kumiko
- Satou Ryo


RP Methods
I'm a shy idiot but I'd really love to RP with anyone. Notes and comments are great! Thank you so much!! ★

Thanks for reading/looking!
Character © deepfried-jellyfish, please do not steal/use.
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